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  • CGI.pm - a Perl5 CGI Library0 - This perl 5 library uses objects to create Web fill-out forms on the fly and to parse their contents. It is similar to cgi-lib.pl in some respects. It provides a simple interface for parsing and interpreting query strings passed to CGI scripts. However, it also offers a rich set of functions for creating fill-out forms. Instead of remembering the syntax for HTML form elements, you just make a series of perl function calls. An important fringe benefit of this is that the value of the previous query is used to initialize the form, so that the state of the form is preserved from invocation to invocation. Everything is done through a CGI object. When you create one of these objects it examines the environment for a query string, parses it, and stores the results. You can then ask the CGI object to return or modify the query values. CGI objects handle POST and GET methods correctly, and correctly distinguish between scripts called from <ISINDEX> documents and form-based documents. In fact you can debug your script from the command line without worrying about setting up environment variables.
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  • Lozinski's CGI Library0 - A collection of some of the most common perl routines every perl programmer writes at one point. For example, a generic subroutine to parse form information, beginning, and ending a web page. All is free, and only needs a simple "require" statement within your code to work.
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  • Wrap HTML0 - A small but useful set of subroutines for generating HTML objects on the fly. It also offers remote fetching capability of webpages and files into the host server.
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Perl/CGI programmers, start making money today!

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